Our Mission

The Cooking Studio is a place for amateur cooks, corporate teams, kids, couples, and even aspiring bakers to learn, explore, and unleash their inner chef.

Led by a great group of chefs, our cookery classes offer something for every level of skill, whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your technique or a newcomer to the world of culinary arts.

If you’re part of a small business or corporation looking for employee engagement and team building events where everyone can participate, there is no better way than holding a team cooking competition!

Searching for something to do on date night? We have couples cooking classes, a favorite with those looking for an interactive dating experience that ends with a great meal, good wine and lively conversation.

Kids aren’t left out — we have classes and camps made just for them too! Baking, cake decorating, basic & advanced culinary skills, and lots of cooking challenges keep your kids engaged while they learn their way around in the kitchen.


The 1950s had liberated women from the kitchen. The modern woman in the 50’s and 60’s proved she was liberated and competent by succeeding in the fast-paced world of work, which she accomplished in part by serving her family fast food or something from the freezer aisle. As necessary as it was, that liberation had unintended consequences for family nutrition and health.

Because of that social movement, many from the following generation were never taught to cook anything by their moms or grandmothers. In fact, they learned to place a high value on processed and fast food. You would be horrified by how many frozen Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine dinners were taken to work for lunch, or how many “family size” entrees were purchased, defrosted and served to young, busy families.

Many families raising children after the 1950s didn’t teach their kids how to cook. In some of those families, there were even two generations where no knowledge of cooking was passed on — the parents didn’t teach their kids, and after growing up and finding families of their own, those kids didn’t teach their kids. Such a loss.

With The Cooking Studio, we’re changing all of that. All of our classes feature professional chefs teaching basic and advanced cooking skills. But we don’t teach through lecture and demo — it’s 100% hands-on cooking with a chef at your side. Just like it should have been at Grandma’s house, only better!

We call it: “guide on the side, NOT sage on the stage.”

We hope you can join us!

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