5 Lesser-known Facts About Grocery Shopping in Fort Collins

At The Cooking Studio we spend a significant amount of time shopping for food, and just like you we buy at the stores and markets. Here are 5 lesser know facts about grocery shopping in Fort Collins you might like to know:

  1. Using the online ordering and pick-up option at any of the local stores will get you fresher & less mangled fruits and vegetables than if you go into the store and pick out your own. The shoppers for those services pick from the stock in the back that hasn’t been put out on the shelves yet.
  2. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you get 10% off at Whole Foods now and they’re still a great place to shop for fresh, organic foods.
  3. If you need ethnic and can only go to one store, Walmart is your best bet. It’s easier to find ethnic food items at Walmart than any other groceries in Fort Collins. It is also the best bet for freshest fruits & vegetables during the winter months.
  4. Asian and Indian specialty food items are available at 3 stores in Fort Collins. India Rice & Spice, Rams Bazaar: International Market and Bangkok Asian Market. The freshest produce is found at the Bangkok Asian Market on Thursdays after 2:30pm. All 3 are happy to order whatever you need.
  5. You can get great cuts of meat from the CSU’s meat sales which is called Ram Country Meats. It’s a challenge to find on campus and they have only afternoon hours on weekdays, but the meat is good quality at a good price. Plus you’re supporting our local university agricultural students.

We didn’t mention farmer’s markets and farm stands. Fort Collins has an abundance of local farm produce and also locally made breads, sauces, and so much more! That’s a whole topic of it’s own and we’ll give you some tips for your farm shopping next time.