Adult Cooking Classes

The Cooking Studio is dedicated to ensure that you get the most out of your cooking classes.  Whether you are an experienced cook looking to expand your skill or a beginner just looking for basic skills, our individual classes offer may excellent options.


At The Cooking Studio we offer single topic classes and several multi-week and weekend courses on topics ranging from basic and intermediate skill building to international cuisines.  Single topic classes include couples night, bread making, fermented foods, the always popular girl’s-night-out and many others. Our chef instructors come from diverse backgrounds and can offer a variety of influences and culinary styles to broaden your horizons. And of course you get to enjoy the food that you cooked.

From time to time we will have special events featuring a celebrity Chef or unique cuisine.  Announcements will be made well in advance so you can plan to attend one of these special classes.

Who should attend:

Adult cooking classes are for anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in expanding their culinary skills. To find your class, view our Cooking Class Schedule.

New Years Eve cooking here was perfect!!! Learned a ton, met some great people and had a fabulous meal!!!   

~ Sue Holden Harbour