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A Beginner’s Guide To Indian Cuisine Terms

A tray of Indian food

So, you’re interested in learning how to cook Indian food, but you’re possibly so confused by the ingredients, the names of the dishes, and the regional differences, that you don’t know where to start? That’s all understandable — for those who don’t have a familiarity with the food itself or the language, it can be…

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A List Of The Best Team-Building Activities For Your Group

As anyone who works in a group setting knows, cooperation is the key to getting things done. This is especially true in the corporate world where partnership and communication can mean the difference between dazzling success and abject failure. When people don’t see eye-to-eye on business matters, it muddies the waters and makes it that…

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Why You Should Try A Corporate Cooking Class

A wise man once said, “A team that cooks together, stays together.” Studies show that humans are social animals, and when people cook and eat together, they bond. There’s something about breaking bread that is really powerful, especially in close-knit communities (including offices). By signing up for a corporate cooking class, you can encourage group…

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The Top Reasons To Cook With Your Kids

These days, kids spend a majority of their time in front of a screen. Whether it is watching the latest Marvel movie, playing Candy Crush on a smartphone, or sitting in front of the computer for an afternoon of classwork, our society is completely consumed with technology. The good news is, there are ways to…

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Why Home Cooks Should Try A Cooking Class

Why home cooks should try a cooking class at The Cooking Studio

If you want to level-up your home cooking skills, you should consider enrolling in a cooking class at The Cooking Studio in Fort Collins. While you probably have a handful of family recipes you like to make, taking a cooking class is an easy way to brush up on basic cooking skills, while also teaching…

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The Top Reasons You Should Sign Up For A Cooking Class

The top reasons you should sign up for cooking class at The Cooking Studio

Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or you’ve been preparing delicious meals for years, there are many reasons you should consider signing up for a cooking class. At The Cooking Studio Fort Collins, we’re proud to offer a wonderful array of cooking classes for kids and adults of all ages. Whether you’re looking to…

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