Kids cooking

The Top Reasons To Cook With Your Kids

These days, kids spend a majority of their time in front of a screen. Whether it is watching the latest Marvel movie, playing Candy Crush on a smartphone, or sitting in front of the computer for an afternoon of classwork, our society is completely consumed with technology. The good news is, there are ways to…

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Kids and Cakes

Group of girls holding deserts around a table at The Cooking Studio

Kids and Cakes ❮ ❯ In my opinion, everyone should know how to make a respectable birthday cake. A home made cake is so much more appreciated than the beautiful cakes you’ll find at Whole Foods or other bakeries. That’s why we put cakes on the agenda for the Kids class last week. We made…

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Kids classes where we talk to the kids, not down to them.

Young Boy Cutting Mushrooms at The Cooking Studio 2

Kids classes where we talk to the kids, not down to them. ❮ ❯ This summer we challenged ourselves to teach kids classes similar to how we teach adult classes. Everyone cooking from scratch, doing the whole process themselves from measuring ingredients, prepping and cutting, working in teams and cleaning. The kids met the challenge!…

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