Give Cooking Class Gift Certificates

This season, give a cooking class gift certificate for an engaging cooking experience in The Cooking Studio. It will relieve your stress, keep you out of the shopping malls, it’s easy to wrap, it doesn’t need to be shipped and, can be purchased from your home.

Shopping the online stores should make holiday shopping easier, but when you do it, your inbox will be filled with the latest offer, coupons, free shipping & have-to-have gifts ideas. If you even glance at a website selling garden tools you’ll start seeing garden tool ads EVERYWHERE!  Once I accidentally clicked on a link for riding lawn mowers (I live in a patio home) and received lawnmower ads next to every screen I opened for months. The latest set of advertising logarithms are unbelievable in following what they deem to be our interests. Ugh.

It’s not only distracting, but downright obnoxious. And all it does it to bring more clutter into our already full home and life.  Do you want out? Good! I have an idea: gift a cooking class this year. Better yet. Gift a class and get one for yourself so you can come along to share the experience. It’s fun and engaging, gives you tools to take home and use (ie: knife skills) and you get to eat a delicious meal.

Not only is it extremely easy to give a cooking class, it turns out to be more emotionally satisfying than giving the standard material gift.

Research from Wharton College professor Cassie Mogilner shows that “while people enjoy receiving material things, such as an expensive watch or a scented candle, they really seem to relish gifts that give them an experience.” She found that experiential gifts resonate at a deeper level, forging a stronger emotional connection between the giver and recipient.

Her paper “Experiential Gifts Are More Socially Connecting than Material Gifts’ was co-authored with Cindy Chan, a professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

And don’t forget the kids! So this season, give the gift of a cooking experience in The Cooking Studio. You won’t regret it!

Gift Certificates – Adults

Gift Certificates – Kids and Teens