Kid’s & Teen Birthday Parties

Have a child or teenager with a birthday coming up? Our kids cooking classes make for a great party for budding chefs and creative kids alike! At The Cooking Studio in Fort Collins, we provide all the food and all the fun, and we clean up all the mess. Party guests will go through a hands-on cooking class to make their own birthday meal or treats.

Our parties generally last two hours* and are planned around our regularly scheduled cooking classes. The most popular birthday party themes are desserts, pastries, Italian (pasta making), “Breakfast in France,” and pizza and ice cream.

The minimum age for attendees is eight years old.** We tailor recipes based on the age and taste preferences of the participants. You are welcome to bring your own cake or dessert in addition to the food we make. The host may arrive up to 20 minutes early to set up decorations.

See birthday party pricing here.

No birthday? No problem! Our Kids Cooking Club provides more specialized classes for kids who want to explore the art of cooking.


*Additional time can be arranged for an additional fee.
** We can host parties for younger kids with additional fees for additional instructors.