Kids Cooking Club

Kids Cooking Club of Fort Collins


The Kids Cooking Club is a program designed to teach kids and teenagers the 10 fundamental skills of cooking. For each skill they master they’ll receive a badge. After they’ve mastered the required skills they’ll be presented with an apron and their first professional chef's knife that was hand-selected by us from The Cupboard, valued at $120, and thanks to their new skills, they’ll be prepared to use it successfully and safely.


In this program, we teach your kids the same fundamental skills that are taught in cooking schools around the country. We teach kids the same as we teach the adults! Each class is hands-on with a chef instructor and assistant where your child will be guided through making several recipes while learning multiple cooking techniques. We do the dishes but we encourage a “clean work station” mentality to set your kids up for success in the home or in a culinary career.


Whether your child is interested in a career in the culinary arts and wants a jump-start on their skills or you just want to set them up with the basic cooking skills needed to feed themselves and their future families, the Kids Cooking Club will equip them with cooking basics they will use for the rest of their lives.


The 10 Fundamental Skills:
  1. Knife Skills
  2. Sautee
  3. Sauces
  4. Baking
  5. Eggs
  6. Pasta
  7. Cooking with Fire
  8. Cooking with Water
  9. Vegetables
  10. Desserts
How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $115 for one year of the cooking club.


What’s Included?
  1. A chef’s apron
  2. A professional chef’s knife
  3. 10 skill badges/pins
  4. A Chef approved list of essential cooking equipment
  5. 10% off all kids classes for the year


Who Can Sign-Up?
Kids ages 10-15 years old can sign up for the Kids Cooking Club!


How Does It Work?

You sign your child up for the kids club here. You then sign them up for any classes you’d like them to attend in their age group. Each class they attend they will learn 1-3 skills and at the end of the class, if the instructor judges they have mastered the skills, they will receive their badges. Once all ten skills have been mastered they will receive their chef's knife, apron, and maintain the 10% off of any remaining classes offered for the year.



Do I still need to sign up for classes after I buy the kids cooking club membership? - Yes, you’ll receive a discount code when you purchase the membership for 10% off and you may apply this to any kids classes for a year from the purchase date.

How many classes will it take to graduate from the kids club? Your child could graduate in 5 classes or less, provided the instructor determines they have actually mastered the skills they learn in the classes (they usually do!)

How do I know what classes to sign them up for? The skills learned in each class are listed below the menu in the class details so you can look through them and pick the ones that your child still needs to graduate.

If they miss a class, can they still graduate? Definitely! If we have students missing a few skills due to missed classes we will either add a new class to get the needed skills or we will add some of the skills they’re missing in posted classes and work with them specifically to get those skills mastered.

If they graduate the kids club, can they still come to classes? Absolutely, and the discount you receive when you buy the kids club will still apply to all classes they take within a year from the purchase of the kids club membership.

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