Team Building

At The Cooking Studio we offer the finest in corporate team building, competitions, and cooking classes for our clients in Colorado. We cook from scratch using fresh ingredients. Our private classes are great for corporate and department teams, non-profit groups and many more. Click here to read about Old Town Media’s team building experience.


Team building classes take place in our professional teaching kitchen and are great for groups from 4 – 26. Chef-led instruction and team cooking use both project management and communication skills, are a lot of fun, help your team work better together, and of course we don’t leave out the eating. Your team will get to enjoy the food they’ve cooked. Each class is about 3 hours.

Who Should Attend

Corporate teams, competing departments, companies in the acquisition/merging mode, university groups, hospital department teams and many more. Team building classes are designed to include everyone on your team and everyone cooks and eats no matter their age and capability. Cooking is a great way to go about this because it equalizes the team and shows that no one is an expert at everything.

Our approach can revitalize your teams. Classes are priced for the size of your group. For more information on prices, click here.

Team Building Information

  • Class rates are based on the number of participants and begin at $600 for up to 8 people.
  • Price includes a Chef Instructor and Assistant, recipes, equipment, judging (competition) all food and all clean-up.
  • Classes last approximately 3hrs (a shorter class can be arranged if needed)
  • Menus are decided by the Chef Instructor taking into account client requests, food allergies and type of class.
  • Wine and beer is available as a cash bar during the event, or can be paid for after the event.

Additional information and rates

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