Team Building Cooking Classes & Cooking Competitions In Fort Collins

Hands-On Cooking Classes Led By A Professional Chef

At The Cooking Studio, our team building classes are 100% hands-on, and they take place in our professional teaching kitchens in Fort Collins. All of our cooking classes are led by a professional chef who will choose what dishes to prepare, and we’re always happy to accommodate any food allergies or preferences. Whether you’re looking for a way to treat your staff, or you’d like to encourage teamwork and communication among your employees, our cooking classes offer a wonderful space where people can come together and bond over cooking and eating delicious food.

About Our Corporate Team Building Cooking Activities:


  Ideal for small start-ups, large corporate companies, university groups, non-profits, and more.

  Great for groups of 4 to 26 students.

  Each cooking class lasts about 3 hours .

  Chef-led instruction that encourages communication skills and teamwork.

  Menus are decided by the Chef Instructor (we can accommodate food allergies and client requests).

  Wine and beer can be paid for based on consumption, or we can offer a cash bar for your group.

At The Cooking Studio we are dedicated to offering the finest in culinary team

building and cooking classes for our clients in Colorado. Our classes are great for corporate and department teams, non-profit groups and many more. Click here to read about Old Town Media's team building experience.


Culinary team building classes take place in our professional teaching kitchen and are great for groups of up to 20 students. Chef-led instruction and team cooking use both project management and communication skills, are a lot of fun, help your team work better together, and of course we don’t leave out the eating. Your team will get to enjoy the food they’ve cooked. Each class is about 3 hours.

Who Should Attend

Corporate teams, non-profit boards, companies in the acquisition/merging mode, university groups, hospital department teams and many more. Team building classes are designed to include everyone on your team and everyone cooks and eats no matter their age and capability. Cooking is a great way to go about this because it equalizes the team and shows that no one is an expert at everything.

Our approach can revitalize your teams. Classes are priced per individual and vary in cost based on the instructor and type of cuisine.


Small & Large Businesses

non profit

Non-Profit Organizations


University Groups


Team Building Cooking Competition

At The Cooking Studio in Fort Collins, we offer team cooking competitions to encourage team building and communication skills among staff and employees. Our cooking competitions require team strategy, creativity, and the ability to stay on a timeline and communicate effectively with others.

What Is It?

It’s a fast-based, timed, Iron Chef-ish cooking competition. When you bring your team into our cooking studio for a team building cooking competition, each team will get their own recipe and ingredients to create a dish, and it is up to each team to add their own personal touch to each course. We also ask each cooking team to incorporate one secret ingredient into their dish.

Don’t Worry, Our Chef Instructors Are Here To Help!

If you feel intimidated at the thought of creating a delicious dish from scratch — don’t worry! Our chef instructor and chef assistant(s) will be circulating the cooking studio to help each team throughout the preparation and cooking process. Once each team has prepared their own unique dish, the cooking competition will be judged in three different categories: the best presentation, the best use of the secret ingredient, and the best dish overall. Our chef instructor and chef assistant(s) will serve as your culinary judges.

  • Our team building cooking competitions can accommodate groups of 2 to 25 people (we can host larger groups on a case-by-case basis).
  • Dates and times are based on our cooking studio’s availability. We recommend starting at 1:30pm for afternoon events and 6:00pm for evening events.
  • We can accommodate special requests for cuisine or dish type, as well as food preferences.

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